What Gardeners Are Saying...

Strawberry/Herb Patio Planter

“Easy to plant and easy to handle, these are ideal for the purpose”

“Perfect for Patios”


Raised Bed Patio Planter

“An ideal way to create your own ‘patio allotment’ at a very affordable price”


Victorian Bell Cloches

“Highly decorative as well as being effective garden cloches”



“...deep-rooted plants are sown in Rootrainers. These ensure a really good root system is developed before plants go in the ground”

“I’m growing my peas into gutters, but the rest of the legumes into Rootrainers”

“Get Some Rootrainers...provides a great start to young vegetable plants”

“This unheated growing system encourages your seedlings to form long, straight, and healthy roots”

“Offers a depth of compost that few other options can match”


"Kind to tender stems"

"Much easier to use than string"


Easy Fleece Jackets

"Ideal for protecting specimen plants in containers"


Jute Composting Sacks

"Perfect for making leaf-mold"


Giant Easy Aerated Poly Tunnel

“Enough to satisfy even the most ardent allotmenteers”


Giant Easy Poly Tunnel

“The Easy Tunnel Cloche has proved invaluable for early sowing”