Assembly Instructions:

  1. Fold the 8 books and slot them into the tray, pressing together as you do to ensure a snug fit.
  2. Using a good multipurpose compost or potting soil, scoop a pile over the tray and brush into the side and corner cells.
  3. Give the tray a "bump" to settle the compost/soil into the bottom of the cells. Top with more compost or potting soil as necessary.
  4. Moisten with a little water. We recommend using a watering can fitted with a rose head attachment.

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Using Haxnicks Rootrainers.jpg

Sowing Seeds:

For large seeds, such as beans and sweet peas, place one or two seeds on the top of each Rootrainer cell.

Using your finger press each seed down to the correct depth, dust a little compost over the seed. Put the lid on the tray and place in a warm, light position, propagator, or greenhouse until rooted. As soon as seeds begin to emerge, remove lid or take out of the propagator.

Smaller seeds can be sown direct into the Rootrainer cells and pricked out after germination, leaving one or two seedlings as required. Alternatively they can be sown into seed trays and then transplanted into the Rootrainers cells before the first true leaf appears. Plant as deep as possible, using an old pencil as a dibber, with seed leaves just clearing the compost. 

Ideal for Cuttings:

Take cuttings in the usual way. Dip the cut end into rooting powder and insert one per cell. With large leafy plants, use every other cell. Put the lid on the tray and place in a warm, light position, propagator, or greenhouse until rooted. 

Air Pruning:

When roots emerge from the drainage holes, raise the Rootrainer tray up from the bench by standing it on batons of wood or empty plant pots (right way up).  This allows the circulation of air below the tray to dry off the root tips and encourage more roots in the cell.


When needed, either water from the top with a watering can (we recommend one fitted with a rose head attachment) or stand the Rootrainer in the lid half filled with water for a few minutes. 

Checking Root Progress:

For the inquisitive gardener, Rootrainers are ideal, as the cells open up like a book so you can see how well the roots are growing. 

Planting Out:

The unique book opening enables the plant to be easily removed without damaging the root system.

Simply take each book from the tray and open it up and the plants are ready and waiting. No need to tease out the roots. Just pop in the planting hole, make sure that the top of the plug is covered by soil and gently firm and water.