Assembly Instructions:

Although it is possible to construct the Kitchen Garden Cloche yourself, we recommend having a second person to assist with the main cover.

Components: End Section (2), Main Cover (1), Cross Bar (1), Handle (1), and Black Bolts (12).

1. Place and End Section on the floor or table, and slot an end of the Main Cover into it. The metal strip on each side of the Main Cover will slot over the bottom of the End Section.

(Please note that while we have designed this product to be as simple as possible to assemble, the polyester sheet, which is necessarily rigid, can be a little tricky to handle. We therefore recommend that one person holds the polyester sheet in place, while the second person fits the bolts.)

2. Attach with four (4) bolts in the order shown in the picture.

(Do NOT attach the 5th bold at the top of the cloche end at this stage.)

3. Repeat Step #1 at the other end of the cloche.

4. Attaché Cross Bar INSIDE the cloche with one (1) bolt to the top of each End Section.

5. Attach the Handle to center of Cross Bar using two (2) bolts screwed in from the inside.

Assembly Complete! Our Kitchen Garden Cloche is made from galvanized steel and UV-resistant polyester, which we hope will bring you many years of immense satisfaction.


Your Kitchen Garden Cloche can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

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