Fruit Tree Covers

Most fruit trees are very hardy but with new growth in the spring, flowers and buds are especially vulnerable to frost and may need protection to crop well. Heavy rain and hail can also be damaging to both flowers and fruits. 

The 1mm (0.04") mesh size of the Haxnicks Fruit Tree Covers is large enough to let in moisture and sunlight but protects from harsh rainfall and hail. It is also small enough to avoid trapping birds, bats, and other unsuspecting wildlife.

It is important to uncover fruit trees once the flowers are set to allow access for pollinating insects.

  • Easy-to-use "Lift Over" design
  • Wildlife friendly 1mm (0.04") mesh in soft green
  • Sealable opening
  • Protects fruit from cherry, worm, aphids, fruit fly, wasps, birds, and other pest without the need for chemical sprays
  • Protects from frost, heavy rain, and hail
  • Use in the early spring to protect blossoms and then remove for pollination
  • Use in summer and autumn to protect fruits
  • Perfect for Cherry, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Apple, Pear trees and more!


#50-3530 small

Fruit Tree Cover (6.6')

  • Product: 6.6'D x 6.6'H
  • Pack: 18.1"W x 3.5"D x 22"H

#50-3540 Medium

Fruit Tree Cover (9.8')

  • Product: 9.8'D x 9.8'H
  • Pack: 19.3"W x 5.9"D x 23.6"H

#50-3550 Large

Fruit Tree Cover (13.1')

  • Product: 13.1'D x 13.1'H
  • Pack: 22.4"W x 7.9"D x 27.2"H