What is Air Pruning?

Air Pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air. The roots are effectively “burned” off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots. If roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the container in a constricted pattern.

Short root systems with several root tips are significantly more productive than long or fat root systems. Roots that are white in color with many root tips are the most important for healthy plants.


Why Use Air-Pruning Pots & Planters?

With most containers, roots grow to the outside edge of the pot and then circle, over and over again. Basically, the roots grow in overlapping circles that follow the inner walls of the container. Since plants absorb the majority of their water and nutrients from the root tip, this overlapping could actually harm the root system and create an inferior environment to form a healthy plant. 

As the roots take over the interior space of the container, little room is left for soil to hold water and provide nutrients, which may lead to root death...stunting the plant's growth or leading to it's demise. Some refer to this as "pot-bound" or "root-bound."

Pots and planters made specifically for air-pruning will help you to avoid overlapping and, thus, constricting the root system. Air Pruning systems form stronger root systems for far better plants, fruits, and vegetables. 


Haxnicks Air Pruning Products 

We offer several products to fit all of your air-pruning needs. And they are easy to use, clean, store, and reuse!


Rootrainers have unique design features, and are not just another propagator cell system. Rootrainers provide the prefect start for all seeds, seedlings, plugs & cuttings, especially those that require deep root runs and those that are sensitive to root disturbance.  See More...


Vigoroot Pots & Planters are made from an advanced air-pruning fabric that creates a super-strong root system for healthier, more productive plants. The Vigoroot Pots are available in six different sizes and are perfect for small patios, balconies, and hydroponic gardening.  The Vigoroot Planters are available in Tomato/Potato, Vegetable, and Herb and will help you to grow the healthiest plants, fruits, and vegetables.  See More...