The Haxnicks Story

Our story begins with a small child in a garden, helping (or hindering) his grandfather to tend the plants. The boy lifted one of Grandpa Haxnicks’ last remaining Victorian glass cloches, but being clumsy as small boys can be, by the time he’d asked what it was for, the cloche had somehow shattered.

Grandpa Haxnicks took it well, and kindly explained to the boy how the curved shape of the cloche captures sunlight to help the plant grow, and also how it was impossible to buy them anymore.

The boy grew up with his grandpa’s love of growing, and one day he decided to make some more cloches for him out of plastic – more practical and less breakable. Grandpa Haxnicks was delighted, and soon they started making the cloches for other people – and so the business began.

More exciting new products were designed and added to the range, and before long Haxnicks became well known for its quality and original ideas. Many keen gardeners have now come to trust the Haxnicks brand above all others.

Haxnicks Today

Haxnicks products are distributed exclusively in the United States by Tierra Garden, a division of TDI Brands, who have a history of being passionate about innovation, design, and quality, which is why the two brands have so much synergy.

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